thought on unwanted violence influenced by notions of taoism

the serious modern interpretation and understanding of violence upon fellow human beings from thoughts influenced by taoism is felt to be an important endeavour.  taoism’s long ancient history demonstrates its had a fair share of warring states and so has foundations that aren’t necessarily unfamiliar to relevant modern understanding.  but to go further than this is to say taoism has much more to offer than any one aspect pertaining simply to special martial knowledge. 

there is a lot to be said for its tenants on harmony, gentle scepticism and pluralist undertakings in the pursuance of gaining better truths.  this is an important distinction to be made in taoism as it doesn’t necessarily declare it self as possessing what the right way/ truth is, nor in its debate of any contrasted views, rather it can open up a myriad of views that have not easily recognised or considered.

moral regard in this context of taoism is no less important, with moral dangers for example identified and indicated by risks of polarisation, problematic discernment, any harm imposed and rigidity of thought and action (or there by lack of) at the ultimate expense of peaceful necessity.

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