some thoughts on rule & conduct (Herrschaftgebilden – part 3: unwanted violence)

extremis*1. or in this understanding of violence is not just the physical onslaught or verbal assault by those considered by any establishment to be deviant in action, but is also inclusive of violence (political oppression) legitimised by official power.  yet interpreting from the sociologist Max Weber there is indication that legitimising “rule (Herschaft) of man over man ”is an inescapable fact of human existence.  the concern is that if man is inherently violent and/or political (involving the nature of rule), then are we all not involved with a nature that is diabolical*2. in force?

whilst we may confine ourselves to the conjectured forms of understanding rule, legitimacy and deviance, we may overlook the very nature of rational thinking; doxa (in this interpretation to mean right opinion) with gnosis (interpreted in this context as debated knowledge).  

*1. in this context extremis is an aggressive restless state, which is externally characterised by destructiveness towards self, objects or/and others.
*2. diabolical forces does not relate to some real or imagined external link to malign intelligent forces outside human consciousness or even nature,but to the destructiveness that exists both within self and nature.

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