yin and yang (part 1; a thought on human context)

the universal yin and yang are relational to each other and meet at the division of their s drawn lines. their two seed like shapes and form are the same albeit the use of visual black and white to distinguish from each other, but also in the juxtaposition of where they meet. yin and yang not only represent a contrast, difference, opposite or compliment to each other, but also include how the two parts co-exist and interrelate.

both yin and yang in their inter-relational aspects give pause for thought not just in how they are applied or can be applied to life but also in fascinating questions of what should or could occur if one part should over reach the other?

in terms of the relational where it gets really interesting is how each of the two components can perform within human context and what can be done where there’s need to reassert harmonious equilibrium, given this is the central goal.  in this context there’s a consideration to the virtue in understanding what equilibrium can look like, acts like and how one could naturally be or do towards it.

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