yin and yang (part 2; a thought on human context)

If we accept harmony is granted as one of tao’s precepts then it is through such a precept (as an apex of thought in context to this subject) we can begin to attempt a better understanding of yin and yang. within such a context this interpretation attempts to go further in ascertaining questions to how and what do we define as harmony?

but before doing so there is some thought to what else could inform the subject in view of what one interprets as a relevant understanding of yin and yang. given a little creative direction to this there are of course elements worthy of future note, which are the Three Treasures loosely translated as humility, frugality and compassion, but also concepts of Wu Wei, plurality and naturalism. i am sure the list continues on what can be determined to be a cause and effect on promoting human relational equilibrium (relationships experienced peacefully both internally and externally to others and the world around us).

within the definition of harmony comes to mind the genuine sense of concord and a natural flow to ones life that is not in competition with anyone else or unreasonably against any element of nature. further to this harmony being both a peaceful and gentle concord with the internal and its relationship to that which is beyond it. the maintenance of harmony thus becomes of interest especially if we were for example to say how do we preserve it by trying not to be disharmonious in the face of something that would make us disharmonious?


2 thoughts on “yin and yang (part 2; a thought on human context)

  1. In answer to your query above: by maintaining our own personal center, which is within the natural flow of things, we remain harmonious and not affected by the disharmonious forces and personalities around us. Easier said than done, yes, but a state worth striving for that becomes easier to achieve the more we become immersed in the natural flow of life.

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