ordinariness and the mundane

ordinariness and the mundane doesn’t call for its attention to be considered more than what it is, nor defers from lengths of sameness within the every day.

the mundane possesses a linear temporality belonging to the earthly world. 

ordinariness is common in its mention or use, nor is it defined by a want or need to stick out from any other.

borders: at, across and beyond (between yin & yang part 2)

at borders there are the comings and goings, but also barriers and a seeping from one to the other. at borders there is both pause and movement, experiences of passing through or even passing by. 

across borders can define the unfamiliar and the counting of distances to and from lines of difference, which give context to the known and that which is not. across borders are other scenes, dialogues and understanding.

beyond borders both the familiar and its contrasts can be found. beyond borders, borders are forgotten until they are not.