rough interpretation of ziran

ziran from interpretation associates closely with spontaneity and does so within the surrounding of its view (environment), which the individual naturally creates beauty through interactions of action or movement. 

ziran if relating to a core essence of self will do so of itself and does so with an interrelated respect of other, but not by any mechanistic or ritualistic means of doing so.

and yet within a rough interpretation of ziran there’s a distinct sense of its illusive and paradoxical value no matter how well illustrated or presented.

tao influencing a sense of essence (the well-spring)

the requisite of the individual pertaining to what one does can be experienced as dependent on the notion that what one does is identity and simultaneously the individual. to a point everyday action (or preoccupation as work) can become a constituent of identity or self in so much as its meaning associated with occupation and what one generally occupies self with, but more than this is our essential essence at the heart of being.  identity in this regard can melt away a falser association with actions and occupation or occupied with and gets to the heart of the matter to what one is about. the essence in this regard is at its core, it is that which we feel gets us, drives us and goes beyond the conceptualisation of words linked to the need to comprehend or label as a finite and definitive sense of it. 

there is in this sense an ambiguity about the matter of essence that lends itself to a greater being beyond the sense of simply palpable self. yet self if it can be grasped relative to this understanding can without careful consideration lend itself towards disconnectedness from others, but perhaps only in its extremis, where self becomes existent without or increasingly with disregard to an importance of what is beyond us. the other and the beyond thus can become threatening and alien with the risk of experiencing discomfort at its very presence. 

the essence is neither personality or simply character, nor a fixed or temporal pursuit. it has in its human conveyance an attempt or demand for words and expression, but neither or both do it justice. the essence is with some thought felt to be at its closest the truer you, but can also prove to be illusive where looking too hard.