tao on the road (part two)

the difference between being and seeing the view (involving interactions with others or the world around us) have an intrinsic link in so far as the view has us in common. arguably no matter what we do we can not so readily escape from ourselves or how we interpret this not to be the case. expressing an idea of experiencing the presence/interaction of others brings being and seeing the view contextually in to better scope.

being on the road (in tao) will inevitably involve interaction at some point, whether its meaningful discource with others or for example how we internally and emotionally regard a panoramic sight of natural beauty. seeing on the road is the acknowledgement to not only how we internally take it all in but also how we are experienced by the environment’s view external to us (not in a literal human sense of the word). how we are experienced both considers us as an imprint on the environment but also the impression we leave with others (if at all).

in seeing the view there is also the meaningful regard for others and the environment not only with the self at the centre of it but how one attempts to move beyond parameters of self and peacefully view others or/ and the environment. it is not to be considered as an adjunct thing to see beyond self – in refering to how we peacefully (as far as humanly possible) regard others and the environment but an aspect of being human that lives in connection. there is a panpsychism like quality in how the view by nature might occur but not in any determination that such would possess even a visceral aspect of what it is akin to states of being human.

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