tao story tales

Froggy no Tail: went a walking.

As Froggy went about his way the cave clay cracked walls did creak and did so becoming both louder and creakier, almost as if in protest of Froggy’s intent. ‘they know’ spoke Froggy’s left shadow. ‘know what?’ answered Froggy’s front forwards shadow.

Froggy pondered and wondered whether the wall knew he hadn’t washed for a good decade (a mere moment in frog sprite terms). He turned to the nearest wall and knocked on it thrice, whilst speaking the words ‘excuse me, pardon’. The creaky wall answered ‘we know you haven’t washed in ten years, but that’s nose surprise given the stink – what we want to know is where are you going in such a hurry?’.

Froggy peered a little closer and a litter more astutely to see a lot of slender long shapes writhing, wriggling and slowly wrenching free from the wall. Froggy spoke to the wriggles most delicately ‘good day worms – I have been thinking…..’ Both worms and Froggy’s three silly shadows answered most excitedly ‘yes, yes, yes tell us!’

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tao story tales

Froggy no Tail: introduction

Caves are caves in so much as dark, dank holes in the ground but this one has a pond, a tiny forever lit lantern and a sprite like frog. Here in lives Froggy no Tail, naughty Froggy no Tail, naughty, nifty Froggy no Tail, naughty, nifty, neat-handed Froggy no Tail. …And Froggy one day was curious – curious to what lay beyond the creaky, cracky and clay caved walls.

There were many a day he went on his way to see Moley Squeeky Nose and the many reappearing magic worms, but today was not that day. Today Froggy wanted to take a good look at the big lantern the one that lay just out of reach of the cave. Lanterns in the caves were tiny but lit the hidey shadows more than anything else – hidey shadows were humorous as they would often copy Froggy just out of synch or do the exact opposite movement.

The problem with hidey shadows is that they would tell terrible jokes to each other when not wanted as is the case with shadows cast by froggy sprites. But hidey shadows could be humourous, witty and often eventually helpful in difficult predicaments. When Froggy got lost they would show the way, when Froggy was sad they would make him laugh and when he needed ideas after some calamitous time they would eventually be great!