tao story tales

Froggy no Tail: shine a Little Light

Froggy’s words reverberated around the cave, ‘I have taken to walking and as such I mean to see beyond these walls’. The three shadows and the worms pondered on this, then in a startle parted way from a great sudden burst of sparkling light stopping and hovering just in front of Froggy. All of the little lantern lights in the caverns beyond them were no longer lit…..

The sparkling light gently began to move in a direction beyond the green and curious sprite. Up and up the little light went and so did Froggy. The air around him became warmer and a breeze flowed through the cave until another but more encompassing light began to illuminate the cavernous spaces around him.

Eventually the other light became so bright it was too much for his orb like eyes to take in. The shadows and the worms were no longer to be seen. Froggy was use to the noise of chirping bats but what he could now hear was a different but much gentler sound of chirping.

green frog on gray rock

Photo by Julissa Helmuth on Pexels.com

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