tao story tales

Froggy no Tail: at the cave entrance

The little blue birds played, swooping low across the ground and then high as a kite. The world looked very different from outside the cave. Froggy was not so small outside although very small in comparison to the world.

Froggy looked down at himself and was surprised to find he had five digits on each of his two not so green arms.  He also happened to be standing up straight, in fact he turned distinctly human although at least seven foot tall.  On top of his human head he housed long dark hair and his face was somewhat rough bearded.

Some way down the slope from the cavern Froggy spied an old winding half cobbled track.  From the track looking curiously up at Froggy was a seated cart driver being pulled along by a scraggy brown donkey.  The car driver waved welcomingly and shouted up at Froggy ‘hello there I’m on my way to New Town would you care to join me?’.

photo of a frog

Photo by Emily Hopper on Pexels.com


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