tao story tales

Froggy no Tail: moley

As Froggy sat next to the cart driver he noticed there was something different about him. On closer inspection the cart driver was wearing a small round pair of dark spectacles and his hands holding the donkey’s reign were more akin to claws. ‘Moley is that you?’ enquired Froggy.

Moley stared back and chuckled a little as he spoke, ‘indeed, indeed’. ‘It is an odd thing Froggy as we enter the human world our forms change to fit and become more in keeping with it’ Moley answered in anticipation of any question to come. Froggy reflected on Moley’s words and thoughtfully worded out loud ‘the world’s eye looks on and when viewed or influenced through the dominant mind of man selects it most pleasing material form, although the truth of it remains the same’.

As they rode New Town slowly came into view, with its small wood timber houses, delicate tiled roofs and many snug tight streets. Some buildings were a little larger although mainly in the centre of the town and looked grander in stone work.  The stone work from such a far distance (still an hour’s donkey ride) looked to be well structured, full of delicate crafted swirls and sudden jutting out precipices.

closeup photo of brown and black wooden houses digital wallpaper

Photo by Zhu Peng on Pexels.com


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