tao story tales

Froggy no Tail: new town square

They rode slowly and gently into the hustle and bustle of New Town market square. The vendors busily tended their wares with little time to gaze upon yet another cart. Moley smiled kindly at Froggy ‘this is where you get off and explore a little’.

Froggy hopped of the cart and bowed politely. Moley threw a couple of coins to Froggy and he caught them with ease. As Moley bid his leave he slanted his head sideways towards Froggy and called out ‘when you’re ready I will be by the Old Smithy Inn’.

Froggy took one brave foot forward and then another, if one was to observe closer it was almost as if he had slightly slipped on a playful shadow. The sun began to dip below the tall stone buildings and although not quite a sunset the shadows of the buildings casted longer against the grey pebbled ground. Froggy thought to himself which way to go and so simply carried on forwards till he made up his mind.

brown frog surrounded by green floating pants on water

Photo by Richard Fletcher on Pexels.com

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