environment as architecture (part 5: unwanted violence)

in understanding the wider context of influencing environments in terms of architecture, both natural, man-made or shaped and described as person observable in preference to pertaining form and properties will give useful conceptualisation towards causations of violence beyond the individual. in its own right the environment as architecture can both be a positive, negative and seemingly indifferent influence on how human violence might play out. arguably how the individual can also choose to exist in their surroundings or with existing architecture will inherently shape how persons interact with each other.

however existing long enough within the wrong environment(s) will likely negatively effect how individuals interact with each other and so where able to yet not to significantly improve the surrounding architecture would become baffling. through this understanding the importance of the individual becomes essentially associated with the equal importance of being peacefully harmonious with environments defined as beneficial. relevantly Items of architecture (pertaining form and property) might by incident have prescribed manmade workloads/demands and use, which is either positive, negative, distractive or indifferent to the person involved with them..

a workload/demand is simply one example of an items property, which can by its task frustrate or alleviate and even weaponise (by its form) an action considered to prevent, minimise or promote violence. an example of an item’s workload (or task associated with use) are extensive written commands typed on sizable documents – arguably the priority associated with the words may distract, tire and frustrate. in some sense a relevant factor contributing towards violence could also in part be a byproduct of an item of architecture or the environment as architecture.

the – in-between – quiet – spaces -haiku –

little morning chimes, ‘are so beautiful to me’. dark curtains open.

ambient noise and bird twitter,both inside and out. a hum drum day with quiet views.

blossom glide silent, gentle scented breeze caress. sky grey shapes travel.

i keep in dry space, freedom quiet peace places. gentle water comes

birds chirp not ticked time.- listen close in the spaces, spring breeze felt not passed.

the grey place awake, armour between in from out. in wood spaces rest.

dark tick of cold days, clouds hover, water moving. silent eve, warm light.

huff puff huff puff snow, slowly falls watching it so. sun water drop goes.

wind; drink tea silent, kindness an imperative. still; all comes to pass.

make a brew of tea, you didn’t take the honey. cough, sneeze, a-haik-oo!

humpty dumpty sat, on a wall he did fall off.  it was eggs-plosive.

you looking at me, hello, this and that, goodbye. toodle-loo see you.

these are none moments, i sit writing silly thoughts. memorable wall words.

green hedge rows, road slows each way flows, nobody knows. blue sky, clouds billow.

tao story tales

Froggy no Tail: vendors & lenders

Froggy optimistically wandered across the market square and pondered a while at each vendor as he past. Oranges, apples, twine and trinkets were all on display. A vendor spied Froggy and called across invitingly.

‘Hello young man, can I ask you for a little of your help?’ the vendor enquired. Froggy responded happily, ‘ what can I do for you?’. The vendor’s eyes twinkled almost as if the glinting of a sun rising once more.

The vendor explained he wanted Froggy to visit the Old Smithy Inn and speak to a certain Mr Snout in regard to the borrowing of a small amount of coin, and in return he would pay Froggy a worthy coin for his trouble. The vendor asked no more and no less, with Froggy considering it to be a simple task. Froggy agreed and without further hesitation made his way off to the inn.