Froggy no Tail Chapter 3 (tao inspired)

Froggy optimistically wandered across the market square and pondered a while at each vendor as he past. Oranges, apples, twine and trinkets were all on display. A vendor spied Froggy and called across invitingly.

‘Hello young man, can I ask you for a little of your help?’ the vendor enquired. Froggy responded happily, ‘ what can I do for you?’. The vendor’s eyes twinkled almost as if the glinting of a sun rising once more.

The vendor explained he wanted Froggy to visit the Old Smithy Inn and speak to a certain Mr Snout in regard to the borrowing of a small amount of coin, and in return he would pay Froggy a worthy coin for his trouble. The vendor asked no more and no less, with Froggy considering it to be a simple task. Froggy agreed and without further hesitation made his way off to the inn

At the inn Froggy as he thought he might met the wise old Moley.. The inn stood solitary from the other surrounding town houses and arose like a twisted out of place pagoda and at least four levels high, At every level tiny lit lanterns shone brightly from each of its many small sunken round windows.

Moley sat at his usual drinking table and sighed as he spied Froggy at the entrance, then spoke to him loudly ‘Froggy before you ask the coins I gave you were enough to pay the vendor, as I hoped you would’. Froggy somewhat disappointed at Moley but not surprised seated himself next to him and thought to himself he had no intention on paying the vendor. Froggy would in his mind have to play a few shadowy slight of hand tricks on the vendor.

Moley smiled and looked knowingly at Froggy. Moley spoke with warning, ‘what you do next Froggy is up to you but don’t be surprised if all does not go to plan’. Froggy stayed al little while longer then bid his leave but as he did so he picked up a few polished stones outside of the entrance and then began to giggle…..

Froggy merrily arrived back at the market square and confidently approached the vendor. Froggy placed two coins into the vendor’s hand and exclaimed ‘Mr Snout has been very generous indeed’. The vendor thanked him and only took the one coin.

The vendor bade Froggy to stay a moment longer and fumbled for something from his long pocketed coat. The vendor produced an item and quickly handed it to Froggy, which being a small figurine in the shape of a frog! Froggy was curious and astonished and was less sure how to regard it and react.  Froggy felt somewhat embarrassed and asked confused, ‘what is this?’

The vendor kindly advised it was a good luck charm and it would bring him much fortune if he made a wish and threw it into a drinking well. Froggy enquired further to its meaning. The vendor answered simply ‘frogs are pleasant animals of the world and are good guides during the darker hours’.

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