the – in-between – quiet – spaces -haiku –

little morning chimes, ‘are so beautiful to me’. dark curtains open.

ambient noise and bird twitter,both inside and out. a hum drum day with quiet views.

blossom glide silent, gentle scented breeze caress. sky grey shapes travel.

i keep in dry space, freedom quiet peace places. gentle water comes

birds chirp not ticked time.- listen close in the spaces, spring breeze felt not passed.

the grey place awake, armour between in from out. in wood spaces rest.

dark tick of cold days, clouds hover, water moving. silent eve, warm light.

huff puff huff puff snow, slowly falls watching it so. sun water drop goes.

wind; drink tea silent, kindness an imperative. still; all comes to pass.

make a brew of tea, you didn’t take the honey. cough, sneeze, a-haik-oo!

humpty dumpty sat, on a wall he did fall off.  it was eggs-plosive.

you looking at me, hello, this and that, goodbye. toodle-loo see you.

these are none moments, i sit writing silly thoughts. memorable wall words.

green hedge rows, road slows each way flows, nobody knows. blue sky, clouds billow.

some haiku

sky formed aimless cloud. rainfall ice cold breaks downwards, water wears still stone.

just one quiet night. moonlight: shines far across docks. much merry drinking

cold Birds flew far fast. diving and spiraling up,warmth slows the pace then nesting.

bird eye city view. calm across traveled water, bird looks far to sea.

in quiet stillness. enjoyed space felt, seen and loved, outward sounds moving.

thousand steps each way. vocal silence moving pass, stop to go onwards.