a little mention of kotodarma

kotodarma: in its pure essence is deeply Japanese (interpreted as an unspoiled or pure use of indigenous words) and speaks to us of power and spirit projected through the resonance of voice from self to that which is external. it can have a martial application in so much as it supposedly adds force to a physical action or movement. but beyond this there is the notion of right application and the interpretation of how this may add to the usage of such techniques applied for example by therapeutic interventions such as emotional freedom technique.

with right tone, pitch and pacing of voice it can add a rhythmic reassurance that is soothing and beneficially contributes to the persons sense or experience of pain relief (whether pseudo or otherwise).

in a pragmatic way the interpretative use of kotodarma arguably would steer away from its pure origins or even language and yet still debated to bring spirit (heartiness) to conversations through an intelligent application of warmth, appropriateness and authentic/ genuine meaning.