a small reflection on taoism & nature

taoism is inextricably linked with nature and pervades within many of its dialectic undertones and naturalistic outlooks.   nature we arguably can not do without but also there is a contrast that can be identified from its reflective influence that speaks of what it is not and such uncomfortable realities that can gnaw at our own lives.

nature in this sense is both bed fellow and something to be deeply respected to its rawness in both power, learning and what it tells us about our changing selves and the environment. we can not readily ignore it as we are an integrative part of it nor determine it as is yet extinct despite our often preoccupation with the modern or technological.

taoism can speak to us of harmony but also change within our own natures and relationship with nature in which both personal and external evolution or revolutions can occur, which at best is interpreted and can prove illusive if we look too close to understand.