a thought on tao in its philosophical aspect as pragmatically influenced

the pragmatic nature of tao in its philosophical aspect speaks in part through a reflective practice that possesses both gognizance in action and on action. It allows for a pluralistic regard for events, situations, the every day and even simply our processes of thought (thinking as an action within itself). 

the pragmatic tao associates itself with the natural world around us but also our relationship to it and others within it. it doesn’t purposefully compete but touches on notions of moving beyond the entrapment of polarised view or action and harmonises without intention to offend or harm.

as a philosophy any attempt to grasp it as a concrete set of principles can cause frustration within its elusive contradictory and paradoxical nature.  humour, understanding through visualisation (rather than use of words) and a sense of its virtues in real time life can help hint at its worthwhile tenants (but not necessarily rendered as absolute or all defining ones).