just a thought on the grounding thought of soil and waste

the soil and the waste is in the everyday, it presides often as not in the lowly places below the foot and as a part of it. it is a reminder that we are in fact not separate from it nor can truly dissociate from its presence as physical.  the words of soil and waste do not easily allow its association with what are perceptions of perfection or perfecting and yet its very composition proves useful.

in its composition there is a promise of growth and vegetation. in understanding of waste and soil there is a humility and recognition to its importance and the grounding it can give to thoughts that can become too lofty and haughty.

from an interpretation of tao and zen dialogue the very mention of lowly waste can be used as a dramatic but effective shock tactic for learning,which on initial meeting can be perceived as paradoxical, offensive or blasphemous.