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Froggy No Tale: Coins, Stones and Shiny Stone Figurines

Froggy merrily arrived back at the market square and confidently approached the vendor. Froggy placed two coins into the vendor’s hand and exclaimed ‘Mr Snout has been very generous indeed’. The vendor thanked him and only took the one coin.

The vendor bade Froggy to stay a moment longer and fumbled for something from his long pocketed coat. The vendor produced an item and quickly handed it to Froggy, which being a small figurine in the shape of a frog! Froggy was curious and astonished and was less sure how to regard it and react.  Froggy felt somewhat embarrassed and asked confused, ‘what is this?’

The  vendor kindly advised it was a good luck charm and it would bring him much fortune if he made a wish and threw it into a drinking well. Froggy enquired further to its meaning. The vendor answered simply ‘frogs are pleasant animals of the world and are good guides during the darker hours’.

Froggy no Tail Chapter 2 (tao inspired)

As Froggy sat next to the cart driver he noticed there was something different about him. On closer inspection the cart driver was wearing a small round pair of dark spectacles and his hands holding the donkey’s reign were more akin to claws. ‘Moley is that you?’ enquired Froggy.

Moley stared back and chuckled a little as he spoke, ‘indeed, indeed’. ‘It is an odd thing Froggy as we enter the human world our forms change to fit and become more in keeping with it’ Moley answered in anticipation of any question to come. Froggy reflected on Moley’s words and thoughtfully worded out loud ‘the world’s eye looks on and when viewed or influenced through the dominant mind of man selects it most pleasing material form, although the truth of it remains the same’.

As they rode New Town slowly came into view, with its small wood timber houses, delicate tiled roofs and many snug tight streets. Some buildings were a little larger although mainly in the centre of the town and looked grander in stone work. The stone work from such a far distance (still an hour’s donkey ride) looked to be well structured, full of delicate crafted swirls and sudden jutting out precipices.

They rode slowly and gently into the hustle and bustle of New Town market square. The vendors busily tended their wares with little time to gaze upon yet another cart. Moley smiled kindly at Froggy ‘this is where you get off and explore a little’.

Froggy hopped of the cart and bowed politely. Moley threw a couple of coins to Froggy and he caught them with ease. As Moley bid his leave he slanted his head sideways towards Froggy and called out ‘when you’re ready I will be by the Old Smithy Inn’.

Froggy took one brave foot forward and then another, if one was to observe closer it was almost as if he had slightly slipped on a playful shadow. The sun began to dip below the tall stone buildings and although not quite a sunset the shadows of the buildings casted longer against the grey pebbled ground. Froggy thought to himself which way to go and so simply carried on forwards till he made up his mind.

As maybe said if you adamantly continue to walk in a straight line forwards and long enough you will meet someone doing just the same thing.  As Froggy went on his way a shrill cracked little voice come from his left, ‘coming through, make way, coming through’.  Quickly peering toward the sound of the voice he saw a small hunchbacked lady cloaked almost completely accept for her crinkled face with its snoat like nose and tiny twinkling eyes.

Froggy knew what he thought he saw but something was making his sight as clear as mud. ‘Good day’ Froggy retorted kindly whilst dodging quickly out of her oncoming pace.  Froggy’s left shadow couldn’t resist and stuck a long shadow of a leg out towards her, like some limbo contest nobody had knowingly entered.  But the oddest thing occurred and the lady simply leaned heavily back, went under the leg and flipped back up again.

Left shadow yelled out ‘I knew it, she isn’t normal, not least in the human sense’.  Froggy’s middle and right shadow began to giggle for they knew left shadow didn’t know this until left shadow acted to see what would happen.  All at once Froggy’s sight came into focus and he spoke to her quite frankly ‘what manner of sprite are you?’.

The not so lady stopped in her tracks and took a long hard look at Froggy and spoke once more, ‘look here Frog face and listen well’. ‘I survive well in the human world’ she continued to state.  Throughout this moment nobody in the everyday world had noticed the unusual event of an over playful shadow and a contortioned sprite.

‘And…?’ said Froggy in rapid response. ‘And bide well by what I say, people in general don’t see what you wish they could see and our kind get by on the most part by understanding this’ said the snouty, twinkle eyed crinkled sprite.  Froggy’s Middle shadow whispered from the back of him, ‘she mostly likely has a point but that doesn’t  mean we cant use it to a strictly right intent to advantage’.

The spikey cloak backed not so lady laughed and responded further ‘ I heard that naughty shadow and by this heed know your friend Moley learnt his lesson well’. ‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you Frog sprite’ she said whilst wagging a claw like finger at him.  Froggy’s right shadow now spoke ‘that hedgehog is right Froggy, lets keep it respectful here’.

macro photography of green frog

Photo by Lexo Salazar on Pexels.com